Copper Nickel

Copper Nickel alloys as name suggests Nickel, major alloying element, is added to the Copper. Apart from Nickle (8 – 45%), Manganese, Iron, Tin, Chromium, Beryllium, Alumiium, Niobium and Silicon is added to improve specific properties. They are resistance to corrosion, wear, moisture, non-oxidizing acids, alkalis and salt solutions, organic acids and also to gases like Chlorine, Hydrogen chloride, Hydrogen fluoride, Sulphur dioxide and Carbon dioxide. They also provide high security against stress corrosion cracking and corrosion fatigue.

CuNi30Mn1Fe1Ni 30,0 - 32,0
Mn 0,5 - 1,5
Fe 0,4 - 1,0
Cu Rest
High strength material. Excellent tensile strength. Resistance to corrosion and seawater. Suitable for good wear resistance and good impact strength required. plain bearings (Bushings), flanges, pipes, Bearing cages. Machine parts where strength is required.
CuNi30Mn1Fe1NbSiNi 29,0 - 31,0
Mn 0,6 - 1,2
Fe 0,5 - 1,5
Nb 0,5 - 1,0
Si 0,3 - 0,7
Cu Rest
Excellent corrosion resistance against all types of water such as drinking water, river water, brackish water, mine water, sea-water. Good erosion and cavitation resistance. No stress corrosion cracking. Can be soft and hard soldered. Can be machined well. Used in ship construction, paper machine construction, in the foodstuff and drinks industry, in power plants and in the chemical industry for fittings, mountings, pumps, measurement instruments, agitators,vale fittings, filling units, etc.
CuNi10Fe1Mn-CNi 9,0 - 11,0
Fe 1,0 - 2,0
Mn 0,5 - 1,0
Cu Rest
Excellent resistance to erosion, cavitation, seawater and corrosion. Good weldability. Seawater pipes, tubes, plates and bottoms for heat exchangers and condensers. Air conditioning systems, apparatus engineering. Brake lines, finned tubes.
CuNi14Al3Ni 13,0 - 16,0
Al 2,0 - 3,0
Cu Rest
High-strength construction material, oxidation, corrosion- and seawater-resistant.Good for marine and aeronautical industry. good impact and fatigue resistance. no sparks on impact and strict non-magnetism. Low permeability Highly stressed parts. bevel gears, valves, worm gears, fittings, hydraulic parts, aviation industry.